Gain Professional Value with a Data Analytics Course

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UMUC is promoting a new professional development opportunity—a great way to expand your skillset and add value to your career—the Data Analytics Academy. You'll work online with a team of other students and an experienced mentor as your guide.


The first course, Data Analytics/Big Data, begins March 14. Ready to get started? Learn more.

Why Study Data Analytics?

The Data Analytics/Big Data course can help you gain relevant skills to use powerful, statistical machine learning tools and big-data infrastructure to extract actionable insights from business and other data. The course's story-centered curricula and unique “learn-by-doing” approach can give you practical job skills that you can utilize immediately.

  • Job-Ready Skills: In a realistic work context, students gain job-ready skills and develop a professional portfolio.
  • Mentored Learning: Students are matched with a mentor to coach, rather than lecture, and evaluate students based on the work they produce.
  • Flexible Schedule: Flexible full-time and part-time options are available.

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Who Should Take This Course?

The Data Analytics/Big Data course is designed for professionals who want to acquire new data analytics and big data skills. You’ll learn how to conduct analyses of data, interpret the results of your analyses to make predictions, and communicate data mining results to management and other non-technical audiences.