A proud tradition.
A brighter future.
At UMUC, we are proud of our military heritage and our proven track record of helping veterans transition into civilian lives and successful careers. Let us show you how we can help you maximize your benefits, advance your skills, or make a fresh, new start in the field of your choice—with an accredited online degree.
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“The university’s faculty has always made me feel welcomed in the virtual classroom. I've never struggled to get in touch with a UMUC professor or instructor. To go in knowing someone cares about you ... and your success—that’s a big thing for a lot of us vets.”
Gregory Barber
Retired U.S. Air Force 
Cyber Security student
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College graduates earn almost twice as much as high school graduates.

Top 5 ways we help veterans succeed:

  • A large team of experienced advisors - Many of our advisors and counselors are veterans themselves and can help you navigate benefits and services, as well as transition into your new life.
  • VetSuccess on campus - UMUC is a participant in this program, which provides a VA employee on campus to answer your questions. 
  • A student veteran club - Our student-led group helps ease transition, giving support and advice—open to veteran students and their families.
  • Credits for experience - You could earn up to 60 credits based on your military experience, and complete your degree in significantly less time.
  • No SAT, GRE, or GMAT - Many of our programs do not require admission exams, so you can begin your career-advancing education right away.


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